Alum Metal Fab is also a full-service metal fabrication and welding company in Cleveland, Ohio. We can provide your company proto-typing to production runs using aluminum, steel & stainless steel. We also provide the general public with the same great services. View our Services or Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Alum Metal Fab is an industry leader when it comes to aluminum swim platforms. Not only do we supply OEM aluminum swim platforms to boat manufacturers, we also offer custom swim platforms worldwide. With our Explorer or Performance Series we will work with you to outfit your boat with the right aluminum swim platform. We also conduct business with marinas, boat repair shops and boat dealers. Just give them our contact information and we will take it from there. We ship to homes, businesses or any location your aluminum swim platform is being installed. Our simple ordering process guarantees an exact fit every time. We can ship in a matter of days instead of weeks, as all manufacturing is done in-house.